Hi! My name is Mehmet Gem. Specialist hip Physiotherapist.

You may also know me as The Hip Physio. I provide online hip physiotherapy consultations, hip rehabilitation programs and online courses for healthcare professionals.

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Specialist Hip Physiotherapy
Services - Online & In-Person

Post Surgery Hip Rehab Programmes.

Expertly designed programmes that are developed for people who are recovering from hip surgery (THR and FAI).

1-1 Physiotherapy Consultations.

An online 1-1 consultation with me where we will discuss, assess, treat and manage your current hip condition.

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Simplifying The
Hip Course.

Online and face-to-face course for healthcare professionals who are looking to develop their understanding and skillset when it comes to Hip & Groin assessment and treatment.

Generalised Hip Rehab Programmes.

Expertly designed programmes that are developed for people who are struggling with lateral hip pain and Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).

Hip Rehab Programmes.

Online Programmes.

Online hip physiotherapy programs. Crafted to help you achieve full function regardless of your stage of recovery.

FAI Post Surgery Online Rehab Plan

Week 0-12


A bespoke app-based rehabilitation guide to help with rehab after FAI surgery.

Hip Replacement Post Surgery Online Rehab Plan

Week 8-16


A bespoke app-based rehabilitation guide to help with mid-phase rehab after hip replacement surgery.

Lateral Hip Pain / Gluteal Tendinopathy Online Rehab Plan



This program is developed for people who are struggling with lateral gluteal/hip pain.

Patient Testimonials

Real people with honest real results.

After six months of almost constant hip pain, two GP’s, a CT scan, 12 sessions with a physiotherapist and still no diagnosis I arrived in Mehmet Gem’s office physically and mentally exhausted. I immediately felt reassured by Mehmet’s empathetic and holistic approach. In just two sessions I had a diagnosis (backed up by an MRI scanner), a clear understanding of the problem, a plan of action, my first set of exercises and hope. Three months and a lot of prescribed exercises later I am pain free and able to do all the things I used to enjoy - pilates, yoga, dance and walking.  I’ve yet to climb a mountain but when I do I’ll be sending a photo to Mehmet with a big “thank you”.
I had a series of virtual consultations with Mehmet for a hip problem that was significantly inhibiting my ability to train for a forthcoming cycling event. He was thorough, reassuring and prescribed some simple but quite demanding rehab exercises which were updated as I progressed. Fast forward a little over 2 months and I’m doing flat-out intervals one day and almost 100km the next, with very little pain. He’s easy to work with and has helped me recover more quickly than I could have hoped and I’ve been really impressed. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from hip issues.
While I was awaiting a hip replacement, I had a consult with Mehmet over video call and he was absolutely fantastic! He really listened to me, reassured me, and gave me some exercises to do before surgery. Because of this, the hospital staff were amazed at how quickly I was able to hop out of bed after surgery! It’s all thanks to Mehmet’s guidance. I can’t stress enough how much confidence he gave me going into the surgery, knowing that my muscles were strong and prepared for an accelerated recovery. I would recommend him to anyone awaiting hip surgery, or wanting to get back to full function after the operation. Thank you Mehmet.
Mehmet assessed me physically and gave me the confidence and permission to exercise my new hip. The exercises were challenging and when I said ‘that’s a bit sore’ Mehmet agreed and said it will be uncomfortable as I’d just had a major op. That reassurance was what I needed and was what was missing after my first op. Seven weeks later I was rock climbing in Scotland and walking 10km along the Fife coastal path. I wish I’d had my first appointment pre-op as that is when rehab should start, but my post-op rehabilitation was was so positive and so different to my first op. I would highly recommend Mehmet to anyone booked in for a hip replacement. It was the best money I spent in 2021!
If you have hip pain see Mehmet - that's it. I've seen many people as an athlete requiring hip surgery and managing chronic hip pain. I wish I'd had a Mehmet 12 years earlier it would have been life changing.
After having a femoral neck stress reaction, I have now returned to running successfully and built myself back up safely over the last 8 weeks. The rehab program was excellent, I gained a lot of strength and made so many improvements during our time working together.
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Simplifying The Hip

This Hip course is  purposefully accessible for all healthcare professionals who are looking to develop their understanding and skillset when it comes to Hip & Groin assessment and treatment.

To develop a greater understanding of the common hip and groin injuries that can present in clinic and to improve subjective questioning skills to identify these conditions.

To simplify the physical examination of commonly seen hip and groin issues that we come across in clinic day to day.

To debunk any of the myths and mis-information out there when it comes to assessing and treating individuals with hip pain.

To link any of the taught learning from the course to real life case studies and incorporating evidence based treatment approaches.

To enhance and develop exercise rehab prescriptions skills for commonly seen hip and groin injuries.

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