The Hip

This Hip course is  purposefully accessible for all healthcare professionals who are looking to develop their understanding and skillset when it comes to Hip & Groin assessment and treatment

Course Outline

The hip region can be a quite daunting area to deal with, especially when newly qualified or also if you just haven't had as much experience with these patients.

The aim of this course is to get rid of that anxiety completely.  The course will help develop your clinical reasoning skills for assessing and treating these patients but more importantly it will also enhance your ability to solidify your subjective assessment and pattern recognition.​

Additionally the course will include real case studies and exercise rehab ideas that will hopefully be applicable to all attendees within in their day-to-day clinics.

Course Objectives

  1. To develop a greater understanding of the common hip and groin injuries that can present in clinic and to improve subjective questioning skills to identify these conditions.

  2. To simplify the physical examination of commonly seen hip and groin issues that we come across in clinic day to day

  3. To debunk any of the myths and mis-information out there when it comes to assessing and treating individuals with hip pain

  4. To link any of the taught learning from the course to real life case studies and incorporating evidence based treatment approaches.

  5. To enhance and develop exercise rehab prescriptions skills for commonly seen hip and groin injuries.

Simplifying The Hip - Course Content


For those in different time zones who cannot make it live, the course will be fully recorded and emailed to all paying attendees.

Please note that each course ticket must be purchased for each attendee.


Lay the foundation for comprehensive hip assessment by exploring the anatomy, biomechanics, and common pathologies of the hip joint, providing a solid understanding of the key concepts and principles.

Subjective Questioning

Master the art of gathering accurate patient history through effective subjective questioning techniques, enabling you to uncover crucial information and identify potential contributing factors to hip dysfunction.

Red flags and Masqueraders

Develop expertise in recognizing red flags and masquerading conditions that may mimic hip-related symptoms, ensuring you can confidently differentiate between musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal causes, and refer appropriately when necessary.

Intra Articular

Deep dive into the assessment and management of intra-articular hip conditions, such as labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), and osteoarthritis, equipping you with specialized knowledge to accurately diagnose and implement targeted interventions.

The Young Adult Hip

Gain insights into the assessment and management of hip pathologies specific to the young adult population, including hip dysplasia, snapping hip syndrome, and athletic-related injuries, empowering you to provide tailored care for this unique demographic.

Extra Articular Hip Conditions

Explore the assessment and treatment of extra-articular hip conditions, such as trochanteric pain syndrome, hip tendinopathies, and nerve-related hip pain, enhancing your ability to address hip dysfunction originating from structures outside the joint.

Case Studies

Enhance your clinical reasoning skills by analyzing real-world case studies, allowing you to apply your knowledge and decision-making abilities in complex hip assessment scenarios, and develop confidence in your problem-solving approach.

Rehab Prescription

Learn evidence-based rehabilitation strategies, exercise prescription, and manual therapy techniques for the hip, enabling you to design comprehensive and effective treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs and goals.


Engage in an interactive session where you can ask questions, clarify concepts, and discuss challenging scenarios, providing an opportunity to further consolidate your understanding and address any specific concerns or uncertainties.

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