FAIS Post Surgery Rehab Plan - Early Phase - Week 0-12

(5 stars)

PHASE 1 (Early) - Taking you through from week 1 post surgery through to the mid phase (approximately week 12).

A bespoke app based rehabilitation guide to help with rehab after FAI surgery. This will be rehab & expert support from the start to the end of the rehab journey that I have specifically put together myself.

Dependant on where your journey starts you can start with whichever stage of rehab is best suited for your needs. The goal is to try and embody as much of what I would do within my 121 consultations for this kind of rehab but in the remit of the app based programmes.

Whether you are planning to start these programmes right after surgery or are some way post surgery but still struggling, these can work excellently for your needs.

Many people struggle to attain the right level and volume of rehab guidance to enable them to progress sufficiently and to reach their goals.

This app based rehab programme is not only developed solely by me, it also enables you to send me any video clips to check your form and any quick fire questions on the 121 chat function so that you still feel supported.

I am extremely passionate about the fact that when it comes to post op hip rehab, if you do the right thing, at the right time for the right duration, you can progress excellently.

Each plan includes:

🎦 Video demonstrations of every exercise
❇️ Cues from me on certain exercises for correct execution but also an ability for you to leave a message to ask me any questions specific to this.
❇️ Not an overwhelming number of exercises.
❇️ Clear set structure on what to do and how to do it.
❇️ Various rehab exercise options within each phase to keep rehab fun and motivating.
📝 An ability to use the chat function on the app for any private questions
📈 Log your rehab completion on the app to track progress and send me progress updates.

6 x Videos from me answering all of the common questions I am asked by patients around this topic & my expert management guidance and advice.