FAI Non Operative
20 Week Rehab Plan

(5 stars)

This programme is developed for people who are struggling with hip pain as a result of FAIs.

Having specialised in treating FAI Syndrome for the last ten year I have come to understand better what rehab works well and what does not work as well.

This programme is developed to guide you through a process of self directed rehab, encompassing all of the elements that I endeavour to guide patients through during the rehab journey.

❇️ 30 hand picked rehab exercises
❇️ 5 Phased rehab journey
🎦 Video demonstrations of every exercise
❇️ Cues from me on certain exercises for correct execution but also an ability for you to leave a message to ask me any questions specific to this.
❇️ Not an overwhelming number of exercises.
❇️ Clear set structure on what to do and how to do it.
❇️ Various rehab exercise options within each phase to keep rehab fun and motivating.
📝 An ability to use the chat function on the app for any private questions
📈 Log your rehab completion on the app to track progress and send me progress updates.
🎦 Recorded education video clips from me discussing important elements when it comes to rehabbing this condition