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"Simplifying The Hip" - Outline

This Hip course is  purposefully accessible for all healthcare professionals who are looking to develop their understanding and skillset when it comes to Hip & Groin assessment and treatment. The hip region can be a quite daunting area to deal with, especially when newly qualified or also if you just haven't had as much experience with these patients. The aim of this course is to get rid of that anxiety completely.  The course will help develop your clinical reasoning skills for assessing and treating these patients but more importantly it will also enhance your ability to solidify your subjective assessment and pattern recognition.

Additionally the course will include real case studies and exercise rehab ideas that will hopefully be applicable to all attendees within in their day-to-day clinics.

Course Objectives

1 .To develop a greater understanding of the common hip and groin injuries that can present in clinic and to improve subjective questioning skills to identify these conditions.

Online Courses

Full Recorded

For those in different time zones who cannot make it live, the course will be fully recorded and emailed to all paying attendees.

Please note that each course ticket must be purchased for each attendee.



Subjective questioning & Pattern Recognition

Red flags and masqueraders

Intra articular hip conditions (FAIs, OA, Labral tears, dysplasia) – Screening, assessment &rehab principles.

Intra articular hip conditions (FAIs, OA, Labral tears, dysplasia) – Screening, assessment & rehab principles. – Continued

Young adult hip replacements & Hip arthroscopies – When to refer & How to rehab.

Extra articular hip conditions (GTPS, Adductor related groin pain, Inguinal related groin pain). - Screening, assessment and rehab principles.

Case studies and Rehab




Simplifying the Hip

27th September 2023


Belgrade, Serbia

4/5 November


23/24 September

Bath, UK

14/15 October

Derby, UK

18/19th November


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