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If you have hip pain see Mehmet - that's it. I've seen many people as an athlete requiring hip surgery and managing chronic hip pain. I wish I'd had a Mehmet 12 years earlier it would have been life changing.

Detail: 12 years, 2 arthroscopies, have seen many physios. Mehmet knows hips. He will also take the time to understand you, what other factors might be affecting pain. He will help you avoid surgery if possible, if you need it you will get an honest expert opinion from him, if you do need it I wouldn't trust anyone more. Mehmet made a detailed assessment of my hip in a way others had not in the gym, testing movements and strength to the point of failure to ascertain in more detail where I had weakness and which parts of movements I needed to work on. He can't give me a new hip but I have trusted him to give me the work to make the best of what i'm left with. He's experienced and pragmatic to give you exercises that are not too complex or fiddly and in a frequency that you are going to be able to fit in to your life and repeat.


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